React Native is an open-source framework that was created by Facebook and is used to create cross-platform mobile applications with native-like user interfaces for mobile operating systems like iOS, Android and UWP apps. This framework is actively maintained by Facebook, and they use it to build their own applications.

So, if you require a mobile application for your business than it is a no brainer to use React Native to build that application as it is a technology that has been created and being actively used by a tech giant like Facebook. Moreover, React Native is an open source framework which makes it perfect for mobile app development.

According to React Native development companies, specially for outsourcing software development projects, mobile app development using React Native is much different compared to other cross-platform development tools such as Xamarin or the Apache Cordova which are used to create hybrid apps. App development is a very interactive process and involves a piece by piece development of near-native apps.

Clean & Efficient

As mentioned before, app development using React Native involves piece by piece development, which is done by using different components, also referred to as building blocks. Because of this large and complex apps can be developed in distinct and increased layers or level of abstraction which makes the app much more manageable and compact.

This clean and efficient approach to app development makes React Native most appealing to small startups as well as large enterprises.

Faster Development

React Natives use of components for development makes the native app creation much quicker.

After writing, the majority of the JavaScript codes can be distributed between Android, iOS and web apps making it the quickest cross-platform app development tool.

As of now, components are not available for each and every functional need and do require occasional coding to create new components. But the growing community of React Native developers is continuously updating the component library for every purpose.

React Native has a feature called as “hot reloading.” It allows changes done in the code of an app to be immediately loaded into the iOS and Android app variants. This eliminates the waiting time for reloading each app and makes the deployment much quicker.

Improved Performance

React Native development requires very less amount of native codes for developing apps for multiple platforms but provides app performance that suffers minimal lag compared to the ones developed with other cross-platform tools.

Improved User Experience

React Native provides a truly native user experience while other hybrid tools only offer a native-style cover for browser-based apps. Apps built with React Native are much more reliable, stable and can easily be updated.

React Native framework is constantly gaining popularity among developers.