Helping an Apex Financial Services Company Integrate Back Office & Trading Operations

Client Background

A leading financial services company- Shah Investors Home Ltd. looked forward to integrating its trading and back-office system in both mobile and web interface. The client wanted to access both the systems using a single login from one place, both from mobile and web interface at the same time.

Business Needs

Being a financial application, the foremost concern was related to security without hampering the utility of mobile and web application interface. Further, developing an integrated system for back-office management and trading operations that can be accessed from mobile as well as web interface was also a major challenge. Other challenges included:

  • Development of integrated web and mobile app portals with single login and access panel for both back office and online trading
  • Development of intuitive and visually-appealing interface for trading users to check investment portfolio
  • Creation of online trading system that can process buy/sell orders and show investments under different categories


Nichetech developed an integrated system as per client’s requirements that had two different modules that performed specific functions.

  • Demat Back Office Module for users to check current investment fund, mutual fund details and details regarding currency, F&O, IPOs, etc.
  • Online Trading Module for buying/selling stock scripts, mutual fund units & F&Os. Also, the online trading module provided the option of pay-in & pay-out for fund transfer with SIHL, check live market fluctuations using watchlist and track personal portfolios.

Benefits Realized

    • Fastest trading Application.
    • Secure Login and Account
    • One Account for Family Portfolio
    • Personalized Watch List of Stocks
    • Trading in BSE, NSE, MCX and MF
    • Chart Analysis for Stocks
    • Personalized Notifications
    • Single Screen Portfolio Performance
    • Detailed Reporting of Trades
    • Back Office Integration