Developing a Self-Publishing Platform for Regional Literature

Client Background

Matrubharti is one of the fastest-growing regional publishing platforms that connects readers and writers interested in regional literature. The platform supports 20+ Indian languages and has more than 1 Lakh readers and 3675+ authors and gives writers the opportunity to self-publish their work that anyone can read online or via a mobile app.

Business Needs

  • User-friendly and Responsive Website
  • History and Evaluation of Matrubharti
  • Read Stories in different languages
  • Search and Read Books Category - Wise
  • Watch Shows, Speech, Plays, Music, Web Series etc. from one end
  • Register and Write Books
  • Participate in different contest and win prizes



Benefits Realized

    • Enhance the market of online literature reading
    • Easy access to interesting stories
    • Easy reading in own native language
    • E-Book and reading and content sharing on eBite make user attractions
    • Publishing of content made easier
    • The widespread availability of the work