Developing a Self-Publishing Platform for Regional Literature

Client Background

Matrubharti is one of the fastest growing regional publishing platforms that connects readers and writers interested in regional literature. The platform supports 20+ Indian languages and has more than 1 Lakh readers and 3675+ authors and gives writers the opportunity to self-publish their work that anyone can read online or via a mobile app.

Business Needs

Developing an interactive mobile app for a regional language self-publishing platform was quite a challenge. The mobile application had to support 20+ regional languages such as Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Malayalam, Kannada, Urdu, Sindhi, Bengali, & English. Also, it was required that the app platform has excellent features for content management, compiling and publishing for authors.

At the same time, it was required to be user friendly that should motivate the readers to check out regional literature and interact with authors, freely.


Nichetech developed a holistic mobile app that connects readers with authors and at the same time give authors the opportunity to reach wider audience. Using the app, an author can understand his/her work’s popularity through dedicated author dashboard. The mobile app was designed to offer exploratory convenience to the readers.

Mobile App for Readers

  • Access online book reader and download books in ‘My Library’
  • Read a book offline from My Library
  • Rate and Review a book
  • Invite friends & Receive Feedback
  • Talk to an author using Inbox
  • Share ‘ebite’ content in native languages on social media
  • Create ‘ebite’ content using text, image or audio
  • Like, comment, share ‘ebite’ posts or follow friends
  • Buy eBook and pay using a secure gateway
  • Search books, authors and categories

Mobile App for Authors & Publishers

  • Author dashboard giving detailed information about number of books, downloads, views, favorites, etc.
  • Check eBook download count and book reviews
  • Publish ebooks from app or web panel
  • Analyze downloads with insightful analytics
  • 24×7 telephonic support

With the help of Nichetech’s efforts, Matrubharti was able to strengthen its position as a leading publisher and reader platform for regional languages in the Indian markets.

Benefits Realized

    • Enhance the market of online literature reading
    • Easy access to interesting stories
    • Easy reading in own native language
    • eBook and reading and content sharing on eBite make user attractions
    • Publishing of content made easier.
    • Connects authors directly with readers…
    • Publishing in native languages
    • Widespread availability of the work
    • The ability to get your work to a wider audience
    • The ability to widen the circle with links.
    • An assist in getting bookings.
    • The monetary savings.
    • Faster response time.
    • Fan mail.