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Recently, nearly every company has a mobile application designed to help serve its clients. However, due to the market’s competitive nature, business apps often struggle to stand out. The lack of client-centric features, creativity, and ineffective testing are some major factors contributing to this failure. Flutter developers can significantly transform your application development experience.

Interested in learning how? Well, Nichetech prepared this article to bring you every detail you need to know about Flutter developers. Join us as we uncover why you need to hire Flutter developers, their demand rate, and much more. But before that, let’s start with some basics, shall we?

What is Flutter? Is Flutter Popular?

Like React Native, Flutter is an open-source mobile application development framework designed by Google. It is a user interface (UI) software development kit (SDK) for cross-platform application development. By cross-platform, we mean that it can develop software with the ability to run on multiple operating systems.

Flutter has been in the market since 2018, when it was officially launched. While it may seem slightly new in the market, it has become one of the most famous mobile app development frameworks. In fact, in 2021, a survey by Statista found that Flutter was the most famous cross-platform mobile application framework used by developers worldwide.

Why is the Demand for Flutter Developers Increasing?

Flutter makes a perfect solution for developing cross-platform mobile applications. As a result, businesses hire Flutter developers to help them build highly intuitive, budget-friendly applications with minimal effort and time while reducing user interface (UI) errors, risks, and security inconsistencies.

For instance, Alibaba, the e-commerce giant, wanted to enhance Xianyu’s user interface. Xianyu is Alibaba’s platform for used products. The company used Flutter developers to create 50-plus million users for its Xianyu application, all thanks to the app’s intuitive, fast-loading, and easy-to-navigate features.

Just like Alibaba, businesses across the globe want to build their empires by making their applications more accessible. As a result, the demand for Flutter developers is high and expected to keep growing over time.

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Flutter Developer

Despite being launched just a few years ago, Flutter has proved to be a highly reliable mobile app development toolkit for building applications on various platforms. Flutter developers can completely transform your mobile app development experience. They help you produce unified applications without risking security inconsistencies and UI errors.

Let’s look deeper into the benefits of having a Flutter developer onboard, shall we?

1. Faster Time-to-Market

Flutter is great for developing iOS and Android cross-platform applications. It has a single codebase, meaning there is no need to write the code from scratch to make the app run on a different operating system. Therefore, hiring a Flutter developer significantly reduces the time required to develop a functional app. Businesses need this feature to foster the timely release of their applications to their customers.

2. Create Applications at a Budget-Friendly Price

Native applications can be expensive for many businesses because developers must write multiple code programs for different systems to develop one app. However, the Flutter framework offers a single codebase, enabling you to build applications that run flawlessly on all operating systems. As a result, hiring a Flutter developer helps you reduce application maintenance costs.

3. Minimize Testing Efforts

Once you hire a Flutter developer, you don’t need to have an application tester test its performance on different platforms. You only need one version of the app that should be tested by experts. As a result, your company will devote less time and resources to performing app testing.

4. Highly Compatible Mobile Applications

Flutter developers have access to exceptional features of the framework that enable them to create compatible applications thanks to the single codebase. Be it a desktop, tablet, wearables, or smartphone, Flutter developers will design a perfectly fitting app, enhancing user experience.

5. Leverage the Power of Plugins

Flutter developers can access various plugin options when creating applications using the Flutter toolkit. As a result, it fosters flawless, speedy, and more convenient application development, saving you from costly errors and efforts needed to develop your apps.

What are the Core Duties of a Flutter Developer?

  • Writing clean code. Skilled Flutter developers write clean, comprehensive, and readable code that enables proper and faster app scaling. As a result, your development team spends less time figuring out it operates.
  • Designing and building applications. Flutter developers ensure consistent performance, from planning timelines to designing and developing the app within a shorter period than other native app developers. Also, they integrate crucial features when developing the app, enabling the company to get the best result.
  • Fixing bugs and errors. Once the quality assurance (QA) performs several tests to identify malfunctions or bugs, a flutter developer will fix them. As a result, you’ll have a seamless, error-free application.
  • Participating in the development life-cycle. Seasoned Flutter developers work closely with project managers, QA experts, and UI and UX designers to deliver the best possible app. Therefore, their social skills and cooperation with different experts are crucial to improving their outcomes.
  • Investigating technologies. The information technology (IT) sector is evolving fast, with continuous innovations being made every day. Therefore, skilled Flutter developer should use their creativity and knowledge to enhance and expand the company’s application by incorporating new tools and features.

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