Streamlining Dental Patient Management

For Staffing and patient app

Streamlining Dental Patient Management

The Patient Enroll App is a mobile application designed for Android and iOS tablets, intended for use in dentist hospitals. It serves both the administrative staff and the patients, facilitating the enrollment and management of patient information.


Key problems

  • Local Connection: The primary challenge was the need to establish a local connection between each setup's database and the iPad over Wi-Fi. This local connection was essential for real-time access to patient records.
  • Forms: Another challenge was the handling of forms. These forms were originally created in software and stored in the database as raw data. The objective was to convert this data into PDF forms that could be used effectively within the application.

Solution provide

  • IP Address Configuration: To address the local connection challenge, a host system was implemented within each dental setup's network. The app on the iPads was configured to reach out to every local IP address on the Wi-Fi network. When a request was made, the host system responded, facilitating communication between the iPads and the local database.
  • Form Generation: To handle the forms, the app was programmed to extract the relevant data from the database. This data was then used to dynamically generate forms within the Android and iOS apps.

Development Process We Follow

Our design process follows a proven approach. We begin with a deep understanding of your needs and create a planning template.

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