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Allentown Smoke Shop has become successful and classic but didnt happen overnight. We thanks to the people who has supported us and will in comimg future. Our asset in business is knowing what we want. We try our best to help you out with our knowledge for any product. We have unique facilities of walk in humidoor in our area with wide variety of cigars.We are soon coming out with our lounge with all your comforts to smoke and enjoy your cigar.


Key problems

  • Design & Develop the portal which will be universally cross-browser compatible and responsive to all platforms.
  • Providing awareness about Allentown Smoke Shop.
  • Provide information to people about BRANDS ,PREMIUM CIGARS, HOOKAHS HOOKAH TOBACCO, RYO etc.
  • People can visit the website & get all the information about Smoke Shop.
  • People can Subscribe to newsletter.


  • Increase the business over the internet.
  • Connect with targeted People.
  • Provide all the details and people can Get In Touch and connect easily Smoke Shop.
  • People can connect with social media.
  • Search specific product and view detail.
  • People Can see sitemap.
  • Join with shop.

Development Process We Follow

Our design process follows a proven approach. We begin with a deep understanding of your needs and create a planning template.

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