Application(IoT) for Patient Reminder through Alexa

Client Background

Nichetech started its operations in 2011 with the aim to provide customized enterprise level technology solutions to organizations across the globe. NicheTech’s cost-effective solutions, faster turn around and open license policy (for PHP) has helped our clients grow fast in their business domain. NicheTech operates both on T&M and Fixed bid models to get maximum Return on Investment.

Business Needs

Below are the key business needs for the Application:

  • The system needs to take care of the patient through Alex and Google Home AI.

  • Basically, System uses for the patient who does not remind their medicine time and which medicine take on time.

  • One Time Patient and doctor enter medicine detail into admin panel.

  • System auto feed data to Alexa and google home and Auto Remind when medicine time comes.


  • Centralized Medical data saving through authenticated doctor or patient.

  • The doctor can check the patient full medical history any time and any place.

  • Alexa or Google Home remind the patient and caretaker for medicine.

  • Auto message sends to caretaker and doctor when a patient not taken medicine.

  • Auto reminder for a doctor appointment.

Benefits Realized

    • The patient does not remember all medical diseases. Whenever patient get medical history on one click.

    • Patient medicine does not miss any day.