Pioneer in Delivering Research-based Solutions for Pharmaceutical & Clinical Research Companies around the Globe.

Client Background

Rashmi Pant is an independent market research consultant with 15+ years of experience of working for pharmaceutical and clinical research companies. Rashmi Pant holds a graduate degree from prestigious University Department of Chemical Technology, Mumbai along with Management degree with a specialization in market research. She helps pharmaceutical companies in market research by developing research-based customized reports, identifying potential markets for existing or new product portfolio through research, developing research-based therapeutic content and conducting large volume data analysis.

Business Needs

  • Design & Develop the portal which will be universally cross-browser compatible and responsive to all platforms.
  • Services provided by them should be displayed
  • People should know about their recent work
  • People should be able to view Testimonials.
  • People can visit the website & get all the information about Rashmi Pant.
  • Social media identification.


Content Management Website for Researcher

Benefits Realized

    • Increase the business over the internet.
    • Connect with targeted People.
    • Provide all the details and people can contact and connect easily with Rashmi Pant.
    • People can connect with social media.