Creating a CMS-based Web Portal for a Growing Hospitality Company

Client Background

BlueGrass- a multinational hotel chain with years of experience in the hospitality industry was looking for a solution to improve its reach, connect with the target audience and give patrons and prospective customers detailed information about its service offerings. With the same objective, BlueGrass approached Nichetech to devise a digital strategy that would enhance customer satisfaction and boost marketing efforts.

Business Needs

Needed a  technological solution that would speed up operations as well as gather detailed customer information.

Needed a responsive website that will strengthen online presence

Portfolio section which will show various facilities given by them to customers

Unemployed can apply through this website



Nichetech, after a thorough analysis of the brand’s existing efforts, realized the need for a responsive website and insightful digital marketing strategy for strengthening the online footprint. Our experts developed a strong tech infrastructure to meet strategic objectives. A CMS-base website was developed alongside a CRM solution to reach out to potential customers as well as to improve customer satisfaction metrics.

Personalization feature on website was enabled for registered members. This equipped the company with the capacity to capture demographic information to create detailed user profiles. A module was developed to route customer queries to the correct location. Apart from personalization features, quick search feature was also incorporated to empower potential customers with the ability to search for required information. Owing to Nichetech efforts, BlueGrass received the following benefits:

  • Improvement in customer engagement and satisfaction metrics due to detailed information available on the website
  • Enhanced customer retention
  • Simplified digital content creation and publishing
  • Better measurement of marketing efforts

Benefits Realized

    • Increased Revenues and Decreased Expenses.
    • Better way of Communicating with clients.
    • Marketing in the Hospitality Industry.
    • Social Media Sharing options
    • Customer satisfaction increased as the website became a one-stop shop,
    • Increased customer retention by keeping the website content current and
    • Increased accessibility with the help of mobile devices.