FamiJoy is a first of its kind virtual storehouse of your family’s personal files & documents. Be it your insurance policy, wife’s passport, parents medical file or your kid’s preschool sheet, or your property docs and pet’s health sheet, you can quickly retrieve any file, anywhere.

Client Background

The client came with the requirement that he wanted an application that can store the files. He wanted that his files should be placed securely and from where he can share the file easily. He wanted that files can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

Business Needs

To develop a marketplace for family members to manage and share documents via individual cell phones which can be accessed anytime


  • A secured drawer (folder) for each family member
  • Set up a Cabinet – invite your family members in a click
  • Store files in drawers
  • Search and retrieve any file quickly, from anywhere

Benefits Realized

    • Easy & secure storage of documents
    • Information secured for generations