blood donation camp

Client Background

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Every year our country requires 5 crore units of blood, from which only 2.5 crore unit of blood is available. Even the worse condition is that there are nearly 8 main blood types. This indicates that the right type of blood must be available at the right time and this is hardly possible in developing countries like India. So, to save a life of people, we must encourage people to donate the maximum amount of blood to improve the situation.

Business Needs

  • Design & Develop the portal which will be universally cross-browser compatible and responsive to all platforms.
  • Providing awareness about blood donation camp.
  • People can visit the website and register.
  • Easily find venue in website.


Website for Blood Donation Camp

Benefits Realized

    • Give new life to human.
    • Connect with People.
    • Provide all the details about active camp.